These tools from the Ida Institute  are designed to help you think about your hearing, your goals, and what you would like to talk about with your hearing care professional.

Print or email your answers to take as talking points to your next appointment.

Why Improve My Hearing?

Getting ready to go to your first appointment about your hearing?

Identify the places and situations where you would like to hear better and your reasons for wanting to improve your communication.

Living Well:

Identify when and where it’s most important for you to hear and communicate well, so you and your hearing care professional can plan how to deal with these situations together.

My Turn to Talk:

Prepare for your next appointment by listing the people you talk to most often and writing down your goals for improving your hearing and communication.

Tinnitus Thermometer:

How is your tinnitus affecting you today? Make notes about how you feel to discuss with your hearing care professional.


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